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The Future of Buctown

These will be the final days of BUCTOWN MMA as our business will make it's transition out of it's concrete space and into the NFT world. While the change is bittersweet for us, our mission still remains-- to actively grow our Scholarship Program for Kids, Students, and Combat Athletes to receive free training and Athletic Sponsorships.

Through the years of Buctown's maturation, our program has given countless kids & athletes the opportunity to gain a Martial Arts and Combat Sports Education. Our plan is to continue to empower the youth through these same facets. Within the next few weeks, you will learn more about our full plan for the future and how you can continue to support and remain a part of our incredible growing community.


For now, we invite all of our Buctown Family, local athletes, hobbyists, and anyone interested to come to train with and meet the new owner, instructors, and students.

Saturday February 4th @ 11am the Grand Opening Ceremony of Renzo Gracie Belleville. Now owned and operated by Professor Gabriel Marroquino, a phenomenal dude, and long time friend and training partner to Coach Jay.

Marroquino, owner of 3 Renzo Gracie Martial Arts Gyms in Jersey City, is the first and only Moroccan Renzo Gracie Black Belt. A name synonymous with Martial Arts, The Gracie Family Legacy stretches more than 100 years of tradition and generations of masters, sons, daughters, and students. Historically, The Gracie Family revolutionized self-defense training and with that their vision resulted in major changes in combat sports while paving the way for Mixed Martial Arts.

While the official schedule is still in test mode, Renzo Gracie Belleville will have classes for Kids, Teens and Adults offering Gi Jiu Jitsu Classes, No Gi, and Muay Thai / Striking. We will share the schedule details when they are finalized.


We couldn't be more fortunate to hand over our beloved space to Gabe, his talented Team of instructors and amazing community. We know you will be in great hands under the instruction at Renzo Gracie Belleville.

For his final weeks coaching, Coach Jay will still be Head Wrestling Coach with Beat the Streets Newark, running Wrestling classes at RGBV, and instructing MMA Training, as we have 3 members of the Buctown Fight Team scheduled to enter the cage on April 1st at Stellar Fights 55.

This isn't goodbye yet-- we've still got some work to do.

Endless Thank You's to everyone who has believed in our program from jump street. We say this all the time, but we are more than grateful for everyone's love and support throughout the years.

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