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Jay Isip, the founder of Buctown, started his martial arts odyssey at the age of 7, delving into a myriad of disciplines from Karate to Wrestling. Wrestling captured his heart, leading him to a prominent varsity stint at Belleville High School. By 2000, he embraced MMA, training Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, & Wrestling at BAMA in Elizabeth, NJ, and stepping into the ring for the first time at 19.

Despite the vicissitudes of his career, Jay took on notable mixed martial artists, turning professional in 2003. After an intense training regimen and over 20 MMA fights, he hung up his gloves in 2016. Returning to his roots, he became a volunteer coach for Belleville Wrestling, cultivating a familial culture and solid community bonds.

Out of this camaraderie and support, Buctown was born. Now functioning as a Nonprofit Organization, Buctown offers scholarships and sponsors athletes, breaking down socio-economic barriers and fostering future success. It serves as a sanctuary for youngsters and adults alike, championing personal growth, unity, and self-expression - a space for their spirit to sprout.

Our core philosophy is steeped in martial arts' transformative power, fostering mental, physical, and spiritual growth. We aim to instill values such as accountability, discipline, resilience, teamwork, and leadership through Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Meditation, MMA. and other disciplines alike. 

Welcoming everyone from novices to professionals, we stand by all those ready to tread the path of a warrior. To everyone who has supported us and continues to do so, we express our deepest gratitude.

Estd. 2020

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