Jay Isip, Owner & Founder of Buctown MMA, has been a volunteer coach for Belleville Wrestling since 2016. That year, head coach Joe Pizzi & Assistant Coaches Mark Delia, Bruce Daddis & Bubba Giangrande took over the wrestling program and welcomed him back to the mats with open arms. Since then, Coach Pete Isip (Owner of KRANK SYSTEMS) opened the doors to his gym, which enabled the coaches to train the wrestlers' off-season. Coach Jay Isip and other volunteers trained with the athletes, traveled (in & out of state) to tournaments and other gyms, participated in numerous clinics, but most importantly, we developed a bond and re-created a culture that has been a staple in our community for decades - "The Family."

With our community's support, we were able to turn the wrestling program around and reach goals that haven't been achieved in years. Despite the accolades, it is the human-qualities each person developed through their experience that matters most. Because of this success, BUCTOWN MMA was born and has opened its doors to all.

Everyone's support enabled us to create an open-minded-space for kids & adults to grow and be a part of a sprouting culture that will continue to carry-on. A safe space where labels do not exist and where each individual can grow beyond the everyday conformity. Where you, could be you and feel comfortable to express yourself freely and connect with others in ways you can't experience anywhere else besides on that mat. Martial Arts teaches us life-long lessons that will continue to evolve our mind, body, and spirit.

Martial Arts will develop the individual's character through an array of positive qualities; accountability, discipline, athleticism, self-defense responsibility, mental resilience, teamwork & leadership skills, creativity, and opening our minds through the creation of martial arts. Our mission is to continue to spread this wisdom and expand our philosophy through; Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Strength & Conditioning, and more.

We want to thank everyone who continually supports "The Family" and has been a part of this journey.

Thank you.

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