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"Training Martial Arts gave me confidence and helped me as a person. I started Wrestling in eighth grade and left high school in 2021 ranked 5th in the State for Girls Wrestling at 114lbs."

soraya safforld, buctown wrestling alumni


The foundation of Buctown is based on years of Volunteer work by Coaches, and brothers, Pete & Jay Isip training local athletes in New Jersey.

Our coaches and volunteers continue their vision and remain focused on building our community through the sport of Wrestling and Martial Arts.


ka-belly x buctown

With the help of the Ka-Belly Team, we were able to feed over 200 people in Coach Jay's late father's hometown of Macabebe, Phillipines. A family Tradition we look forward to continuing for years to come.

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kids wrestling classes

We understand the developmental importance of martial arts practice at a young age. Providing kids ages 6-12 with free wrestling practices to instill our care values: mind & body awareness, confidence & self-esteem, self-defense, socializing & friendship, discipline & focus, respect, dealing with failure. Although these attributes are vital for all ages, it’s always great to get a head start.


young adult wrestling classes

From high school to the collegiate level, we provided no-cost classes to students looking to propel their athletic careers. Not only did this benefit youth at the scholastic level - combat athletes of all kinds were welcome. Wrestlers, Jiu Jitsu practitioners, Ammy / Pro fighters, or just a retired wrestler that wanted to get in a workout - all were welcome!

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kids jiu jitsu classes

Kids that were part of the Buctown Wrestling Program were provided scholarships to train other forms of martial arts. Jiu Jitsu, the gentle art, was a great practice to empower youth through the connection of their mind, body, and spirit.


the fight team

Our MMA and Muay Thai program provided scholarships and sponsorships for young adults who wanted to pursue a career in combat sports. With our experienced volunteer coaches who competed at professional levels, this outlet provided the knowledge and wisdom necessary to help fulfill a fighters dream.

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International Support

What began as a powerful initiative in our hometown in New Jersey is now taking roots in new grounds. We have extended our reach, providing free martial arts classes to kids and adolescents from all walks of life in Chile and Mexico. Our proven mission and philosophy of empowering youth through mixed martial arts is traveling to other parts of the world.

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partner with charities

The value of community support is essential to human growth. We’ve teamed up with Jersey Cares on several occasions and got involved in coat drives, food drives, school supply drives, Halloween costume drives, beach clean ups -- this organization is never short on philanthropic opportunities to help our community. 


Support a future that nurtures personal growth and achievement in our youth

are you with us?

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