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Buctown expands internationally with our new partner, Nayib Lopez. The goal remains: empowering youth through martial arts.

We are opening the doors for students to train MMA & Lute Livre. Our no-cost program offers martial arts classes and embeds core values like confidence, strength, discipline, resilience, and harmony into our youth's future.

These values are essential for the growth of kids worldwide, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background. Each culture and home faces its challenges—rising crime, street life, substance abuse, self-esteem and financial struggles. Our organization offers a positive community to build strong, healthy, and mindful individuals to face their challenges on and off the tatami.


nayib lopez, buctown mexico

Nayib"Carroccho" Lopez, emerging from small town Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico State, to Best Welterweight in Mexico and Latin America, was far from an easy road. Lopez pushing through a major, life-changing setback, is the walking example of how faith, strength, dedication, and humility can change lives. While chasing after his own MMA career, Nayib is still a mentor to his community and especially to young athletes serving as living proof of an empowered future. 


Let's empower our young warriors together, creating a space where they can thrive, succeed, and make a real difference in their corners of the world.

Your support is invaluable. Join us on this journey and help change a life!

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