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committed to empowering and changing lives through Martial Arts
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BUCTOWN STRONG is committed to empowering and changing lives through Martial Arts. We strive to build strong, resilient individuals by instilling essential values such as confidence, courage, humility, respect, and community.

All donations go towards providing a free education for future success through Martial Arts regardless of any socio-economic barriers, financial resources or time constraints

KIDS developmental PROGRAM

Martial arts training can be incredibly beneficial to a child or young adult's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. However, this valuable opportunity is not always accessible to all families. The Kids Development Program was created with that challenge in mind, providing sponsorship for youth ages 6-18 that covers gym membership fees for Martial Arts and Combat Sports education. We are committed to empowering our community's youngsters by providing them access to these crucial activities.


Your support helps to strengthen our network by introducing more gyms and communities into the program. This investment also allows us to adequately compensate our student instructors, who generously give their time and effort to educate our youth. Moreover, your contribution grants students an opportunity to participate in clinics, competitions, and tournaments while providing them with quality martial arts attire, safety gear, and equipment.


We recognize the vast potential Martial Arts holds when it comes to positively transforming the lives of young people and guiding them toward success in personal development and achievements

student-athlete program

Our Scholarship Program is dedicated to equipping Student-Athletes with the financial resources they need to fulfill their athletic aspirations and reach their maximum potential. For those off-season or post-graduate athletes looking to take their passion to the next level, our Scholarship helps bridge the gap between time and money constraints during their academic years by covering costs associated with degree programs, membership fees, competitions, travel expenses, and other roadblocks student-athletes may face.


Through generous donations from sponsors and donors like you, we can provide invaluable career development opportunities for these determined individuals. Your contribution will empower Student-Athletes to reach new heights as they pursue academic and athletic excellence. With your help, these individuals can confidently represent themselves at the highest level and make a lasting impact in their communities.


Amateur & pro athlete program

Becoming the best version of yourself and competing at higher levels, necessitates immense courage, fortitude, and humility―not to mention physical and mental endurance. Reaching this level requires dedication to honing your skillset through unyielding hours of practice.


The Amateur & Professional Athlete Program was created to provide financially disadvantaged Combat Sport Athletes equal opportunity for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Our Program assists in covering expenses related to personal and event sponsorships/endorsements, competition payouts and bonuses, conducting necessary medical exams during training camps and post-competitions, and other resources needed in a highly competitive arena.

As former professional athletes, we understand the financial and energetic burden that accompanies dedicating oneself to reaching success while still taking care of themselves and their everyday responsibilities. That is why we are determined for everyone to have the same opportunities regardless of their situation. By investing in these warriors, future generations benefit from a new wave of athletes, coaches, and community leaders. 

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We are immensely grateful to our thoughtful sponsors, donors, and sales that fund our Program
Thank you for joining us on this journey

Thank you for your interest in supporting Buctown. Talk to you soon!

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