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What a Black Belt means to me - Episode 74

Definition of heart on your sleeve.

Coach Pete recaps last weekend, facing life's struggles, and a whole lot of family love in this beautiful, heartfelt episode.

WARNING: Emotional rollercoaster!

" The thing with Jay is that, he completely deserves this black belt. And deserved the black belt. And the black belt is not a representation of Jiu Jitsu... it represents him to his fullest. It was almost like a closing to an era... He was a brown belt for a long time, and in the transition of him becoming the best human being possible. When that black belt was tied around his waist, I didn't watch the black belt, I watched the brown belt fall to the ground. I watched the brown belt become a symbol of him throwing away all the shit he had to deal with to get the black belt-- not in Jiu Jitsu, but in life. When I watched the brown belt fall to the ground, I watched every image and thought of what people think Jay is finally go. We're so far into living in the past, and judging people off their past we create that person in our head as real. That person is gone. That brown belt is gone... The past does not define you. You're not the same person ever."


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"Wanted to give a special shout-out to my brother Pete. He has changed so many lives (obviously including my own) that it can't be counted. Without him, there is no me, no Buctown, no anything. And I'm sure many others can say the same. He has taught me endless lessons in life and continues to be his selfless-self - I've learned from the best. If I could tie this black belt around your waist for all that you've done for me, I would, but that still wouldn't equate to what you've done for me, the family, and your community. All I've "accomplished" is because of you - no questions. You are the GOAT and I am more than honored to always follow in your footsteps."

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