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Buctown expands internationally with our new partner, Alfredo Muaiad, and RFT Chile. 


With their proven excellence in developing young warriors and our shared vision, the goal remains: empowering youth through martial arts.

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What began as a powerful initive in our hometown in New Jersey is now ready to grow roots in new grounds.


Our no-cost program offers martial arts classes to students ages 18 + under, embedding core values like confidence, strength, discipline, resilience, and harmony into our youth's future. These values are essential for the growth of kids worldwide, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background.

Each home faces its challenges— rising crime, street life, substance abuse, self-esteem and financial struggles. Our organization offers a positive community to build strong, healthy, and mindful individuals who face their challenges on and off the tatami.

Let's empower our youth together, creating a space where they can thrive, succeed, and make a real difference in their corners of the world.


Alfredo muaiad, buctown chile

Alfredo "Mono con Navaja" Muaiad, emerging from El Tabo, Valparaíso, Chile, has ascended to notable heights in the MMA world. A Purple Belt in Luta Livre and a BJJ Brown Belt, Alfredo embodies the transformative influence of martial arts, demonstrating how discipline, strength, confidence, and humility can shape lives.


read an interview with muaiad

Alfredo's dedication to passing on these lessons as a coach align perfectly with our mission. He is a mentor to young athletes and living as proof of a brighter, empowered future. His invaluable contribution to the community not only inspires the youth but serves as a cornerstone for the legacy we aim to build.

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