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Melendez remains Undefeated with AFL


Saturday May 6, 2023. Brooklyn, NY. AFL Promotions.

Main Event / Jason Melendez vs Jake Sathmary

Jason "The Chef" Melendez has once again proved to be victorious in the ring.

Improving his Muay Thai record to 4-0, Melendez showed an amazing display of skill and agility while out-maneuvering his opponent with his speed and precision all three rounds.

What you don't know is-- with the very first punch of the 1st Round, Melendez injured his elbow but bit down on his mouthpiece to work through the injury for the remainder of the fight.

"The Chef" had to change his recipe at a moments notice. Fighting through the adversity with clean counters and range control, working his opponent in the clinch, and sweeping him across the canvas like a school janitor.

His fight adaption led him to win over his opponent's attacks unanimously - no ingredients were left out of the square circle after the three round cooking lesson.


Not only did he clinch the W at his last bout, this event marks the 6th Amateur Fight for The Chef in less than 2 years. The dedication is real.

Jason, we are so proud of your personal and professional growth, successes, and steadfast climb as you continue to chase your dreams with as much grit as grace. You are so deserving.

To our friends and Coaches Danny + Maggie, our Willy B Fam, you guys are truly incredible. The hardest working, most technically solid and devoted Team you could ever dream of.

Shout out to Cornerman / Brother Matt, the GOAT! Always there, deeply appreciated by all.

We love you all!

Train, compete, repeat.


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