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How to Get a Buctown NFT

The plan is to teach you how to enter Web 3 and get yourself a Buctown NFT!

In order to hold NFTs, first you’ll need a crypto wallet. We recommend using Metamask but, ultimately it’s your choice.

Check out this video to understand the differences of crypto wallets.


1. Install MetaMask Visit the official MetaMask website and download the browser extension. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers. Follow the installation instructions provided.

What is Metamask?

2. Create a MetaMask wallet After installing the browser extension, create a new wallet by following the on-screen prompts. Securely store your seed phrase (a 12-word mnemonic), as it's the only way to restore your wallet if needed.

How to set up Metamask

3. Fund your MetaMask wallet

To buy NFTs on OpenSea, you'll need to fund your MetaMask wallet with cryptocurrency. In this case, you are exchanging your $Dollar to Ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network.

Here are 3 options to add funds to your wallet:

A. You can purchase ETH using one of the payment portals; Moonpay, Transak that accepts credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, or bank transfer.

B. You can also purchase ETH on a cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address. (ie:

C. OR you can simply buy the NFT with a credit/debit card with “Moonpay’ portal on OpenSea.


1. Connect to OpenSea Visit OpenSea and click "Connect" in the top right corner. Choose "MetaMask" from the list of wallet providers. A MetaMask popup will appear, asking you to confirm the connection. Click "Connect" to link your wallet with OpenSea.

2. Visit our Marketplace Buctown’s NFT marketplace and check out our new collection, Buctown Legendz.

3. Confirm transaction When you initiate a purchase or bid, a MetaMask popup will appear, asking you to confirm the transaction. Review the details, including the gas fees (which are simply the transaction fees), and click "Confirm" to submit the transaction.

4. Wait for transaction confirmation Transactions on the Ethereum network can take a few seconds to several minutes, depending on network congestion. Once your transaction is confirmed, the NFT will be transferred to your MetaMask wallet.

You can view your transactions on to see if your NFT mint was successful or if the transaction is still in the process. ( is a blockchain explorer for the Ethereum network that allows users to view transactions, addresses, and smart contracts in real-time.)

5. Check out your NFTs! To view your purchased NFTs, go to your OpenSea profile by clicking on your wallet address in the top right corner of the OpenSea website. Your NFTs will appear under the "Owned" tab.

…and BOOM! You now own your first Buctown NFT!

All NFT sales support our mission to empower the youth through Martial Arts. Your generosity strengthens our capacity to serve our growing community.


BUCTOWN LEGENDZ is an NFT Collection of future legends and the OGs of Combat Sports. This collection supports our 501c Nonprofit Program focused on changing lives through the education and practice of Martial Arts.

Each custom NFT will sponsor; Kids, Student-Athletes, and/or Amateur & Pro Athletes and support these young warriors on their journey. Your support empowers the youth by giving kids of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds equal opportunities to gain the benefits of Martial Arts.


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