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Fight Night 55 Recap

Tough as nails.

The three of you pushed yourself further than you thought was possible.




All 3 rounds, you fought hard and smart. You put it all on the line. There are no losses in fights like these - only lessons learned, experience gained, and new mental + physical capabilities unlocked.

You are all different men walking out of that cage than you were walking in.

We are BEYOND PROUD. Coaches, cornerman, training partners, family + our community - we thank you tremendously.

To The BUCTOWN FIGHT TEAM, you are all heart, class, strength, talent, and raw ambition personified; and we are forever in your corner.


A Note from Coach Jay:

It's been a hell of a journey, I don't even know where to begin, so I won't even start - I'll be here forever but, Ill try to keep it short. I cant express enough how proud I am of these young warriors. Every one of you have expressed yourselves in true warrior spirit the weekend. Despite the adversities you embraced the turbulence and bit down on your mouthpiece and fucking banged! And that's what fighters do - take care of business regardless of what's dealt. The fight, the camp, your regular lives have been dealt with by the strong men you've all became - be proud of yourselves for putting that courageous foot forward in all aspects of your life. Congrats to all of you; fighters, coaches, sponosors, training parnters, and everyone who came (and streamed) to support us. I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart 🖤💛 Love you all - BUCTOWN 4 LIFE

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