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Jason Melendez Story: Episode 105

In this episode of the Mental Mobility Podcast, Coach Pete Isip speaks with Jason Melendez about his experience with martial arts and how it helped improve his mental health.

How a Fighter Discovered His Path to Mental Health: Jason Melendez's Story


We live in a world where we are constantly being asked to put on a brave face, keep pushing through, or acting like everything is okay. But what if we were more open about our struggles and used them to inspire others?

Vulnerability has the power to bring us closer together, allowing us to connect with each other on an emotional level and find strength in shared experiences.

An incredibly honestly, and heart felt conversation had between to people we cherish dearly and hold in such high regards.

A powerful start to a new season of Coach Pete's Podcast with The Chef!

Thank you both for being you. We love you guys!


Jason tells no lies! We remember. This picture was from the first day of Open House / Open Mat at Buctown. He was the first new member to sign up.

Been spinning back kickin'! 😎

Can't thank you enough for the beautiful things you said about your experience at Buctown. We are so happy you walked through those doors. Believe us when we say, the feelings are all mutual.

So much love to you always, and continued successes in all you pursue.


A shout out to Coach Pete !

He shifted direction with a rebrand and new name to his Podcast. Once named Jersey to Vegas, discussing all things mental health, adapting to change and sharing personal experiences-- we now welcome Mental Mobility.

True to his innate Coaching Spirit, he now has added more discussions about fitness & movement, and how it ties into your mental health--while still sharing helpful mental health practices and tips to promote mental clarity and overall wellness.

Available on

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Mental Mobility Podcast: YouTube Channel


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