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Sepa Super 8

Buctown Wrestlers hit the mats at SEPA over the weekend.

Discipline is the foundation upon which all achievements in Wrestling are built. It involves consistency in regards to training routines, nutritional guidelines, and lifestyle choices.

By maintaining discipline, athletes develop mental toughness, time management skills, and the ability to overcome obstacles. This mindset extends beyond the mat, positively impacting academics and personal growth.

Off-season training is equally as vital as discipline. During this period, outside the official competition season, wrestlers can focus on improving their skills, strength, and conditioning without the immediate pressure of upcoming matches.

Off-season training targets skill development, refining techniques, and addressing weaknesses. It offers an opportunity to build strength, agility, and endurance, which contribute to overall performance on the mat.

Additionally, it fosters camaraderie among team members, as they continue to train together and motivate each other.

We are continually proud of all the work all of you guys put in this Summer. A huge Thank you Coach Diego, none of this could be possible without your dedication and commitment to Buctown!

Train, compete, repeat. On to the next.

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