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Exploring Luta Livre

Exploring Luta Livre: A Martial Art Blend

Embedded in the martial arts landscape from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luta Livre was developed as a distinct grappling martial art influenced by the elements of Catch Wrestling, Judo and other techniques in the combat system.

In Luta Livre, athletes in combat wear shorts and rash guards, eliminating the complexities associated with gis and gi grips. However, without the gi, this martial art still utilizes a belt-ranking system to signify proficiency levels. Unlike Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which emerged around the same time, Luta Livre evolved independently, primarily among working class communities in Brazil.  

It is known most for incorporating takedowns, throws, and standing grappling maneuvers, making it a natural fit for those with experience in Wrestling. With its focus on submission grappling and ground fighting, it gained popularity attracting practitioners who sought effective self-defense techniques and competitive outlets.


On top of their strong takedown techniques, Luta Livre also uses a wide variety of submissions and leg locks. Known for its aggressive and more dynamic style, it is well fit for submission grappling and MMA competition.

Over time, Luta Livre developed its own techniques, strategies, and training methodologies, distinct from those of BJJ. Today, Luta Livre continues to thrive as a respected martial art, both in Brazil and internationally.


Beyond the combat aspect, Luta Livre equips practitioners with self-defense techniques. The curriculum includes strategies to escape holds and defend against a variety of attacks, adding a practical dimension to the training.

In the intricate tapestry of martial arts, understanding the differences between these unique arts enriches our appreciation for the diversity and depth of the grappling world.

With Coach Alfredo being a seasoned MMA fighter, we are excited to have him pass down his array of knowledge to the next generation of warriors.


Last week we shared a post about our newest collab with RFT Chile and Head Coach Alfredo Muaiad.

Buctown has officially expanded internationally! With Muaiad's proven excellence in developing young warriors and our shared vision, the goal remains: empowering youth through martial arts.

A few words from Muaiad:

WE ARE ALREADY STARTING WITH OUR NEW SOCIAL WORK FOCUSED ON CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE. The Buctown Strong social Wrestling and MMA project seeks to benefit the community by offering free activities for children and young people at social risk. It will provide an accessible opportunity to keep them away from crime and drugs, fostering a positive and healthy environment through martial arts. -- Head Coach, Alfredo Muaiad


We are incredibly excited to begin this next chapter and change lives in other parts of the world.

We would like to thank everyone who believes in our mission. Your support and generosity are what makes this program possible.

Stay tuned for more details and ways to get involved as we continue to grow 💛

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