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Happy 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, it is only natural that our ambitious spirits awaken for the New Year. While, most of us are fired-up and ready to take on the world ahead, it's important we be honest with ourselves to avoid losing focus, burn-out, or simply giving up.

Agreeing on personal truths, boundaries, and staying disciplined to them will evolve our spirits. It's 2024, hard-work is the standard. If were not working hard it'll be difficult to achieve certain goals above our current stature - unless we get lucky.

Working hard is the easy part. A deep and honest perspective of one self is not. Here are some simple truths we hold and would like to share coming into the new year --

  1. Set realistic goals. Have goals, but more importantly sub-goals (for each). Break them down for a deeper knowing of the possibilities to scale if our goals are even feasible. And be compassionate with yourself, if we don't achieve goals in our expected time frame or even at all - it's no big deal. High percentage of the time, plans don't pan out as expected and always be flexible to change your goals if necessary - on to the next, always.

  2. Take calculated risks. Research ×'s 3. We have a vast range of resources to discover information on said topic and people who would be more than glad to help us. Developing a broader scope will help us know where we stand in the relationship between us and the goal. And this knowing, is an honest take as to what step (or step back) that needs to be taken.

  3. Ask for help. If we're stuck, out of reach, tired, or simply want to expedite our process - find help. Getting help will give us more time to focus on the tasks we can handle and lessen the frustrations - and the cool part is we'll (most likely) learn something new.

  4. Get proper rest. Getting a good nights sleep and take naps when possible (even of its 15 - 20 min of shut-eye) Resting/sleeping is equally as important as being awake. We only have so much energy per day - use it wisely and recharge when necessary. Let's add taking breaks to this as well. Not taking breaks will lead to burn-out. Tiredness, fatigue, procrastination are huge signs of needing a break or that something else needs our attention.

  5. Eat clean, exercise, meditate. We are what we eat, and not just food intake - but also collecting the daily data from every experience. Exercising and meditation (or praying) are great tools to expel the old and create space to take on the new. Providing our mind and body with the proper fuel and proper cleaning will regulate our thoughts, actions, and energy levels - feed our souls.


We believe these five tips are great, simple truths to stand by going into the New Year. Share your thoughts or truths, we would love to learn more about you and your ambitions.

Let's make 2024 a memorable one.

Be well fam!

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