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Back at it!

Saturday April 1 / Harrington, DE

Stellar Fights 55

The Buctown Fight Team is returning to the cage. This time around we've got Jason Melendez (3-1), Santino Imparato (1-0) and David Guerra-- who will be making his MMA debut.


Becoming the best version of yourself and competing at higher levels, necessitates immense courage, fortitude, and humility―not to mention physical and mental endurance. Reaching this level requires dedication to honing your skillset through unyielding hours of practice.

As former professional athletes, we understand the financial and energetic burden that accompanies dedicating oneself to reaching success while still taking care of themselves and their everyday responsibilities.

The Amateur & Professional Athlete Program was created to provide financially disadvantaged Combat Sport Athletes equal opportunity for their hard work and dedication to their craft.

Our Program assists in covering expenses related to personal and event sponsorships/endorsements, competition payouts and bonuses, conducting necessary medical exams during training camps and post-competitions, and other resources needed in a highly competitive arena.

We are determined for everyone to have the same opportunities regardless of their situation. By investing in these warriors, future generations benefit from a new wave of athletes, coaches, and community leaders.


Grab some tickets to the event

Stellar Fights 55 is only a few weeks away and is selling out quickly! We have a couple tickets left for sale at Renzo Gracie Belleville, or you can grab them online-- and come cheer them on in person.


We are eternally grateful for your kindness and generosity towards our Community.

We are so proud of all 3 of you. You continue to inspire to everyone who watches you commit to bettering yourselves and your craft as you reach for your goals.

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