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Let's Go Nando!

Together let's support Buctown Wrestling Alumni, Fernando Collado as he walks into the cage for the first time.

Training with Coach Rich Van Houten, at CULTR Fight Club, Nando makes his MMA debut Friday January 12th with Flex Fight Series.

We couldn't be more proud of the work and dedication he has been putting in at CULTR in Jersey City, NJ.

At just 19 years young, being able to witness him achieve a dream he has shared with us from as long as we've know him, is a testimony in itself to how much Collado has been preparing himself for this since Recreational Wrestling.

Nando has been training with Coach Jay since he was 13. While a varsity Wrestler and training at Buctown, his passion pushed him to pursue every art we had to offer-- notably receiving his Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu, a consistent presence in Muay Thai class, and learned how to scrap it all together in MMA practice. On top of improving his own craft, he remained a solid training partner and teammate for fellow fighters during camps.

Nando is no stranger to tough times and adversity. Through it all he has always shown heart, fight, and the true spirit of a warrior. He continues to pay it forward with Buctown as a volunteer Coach in the very Wrestling Program that helped pave the way for his journey as a Combat Athlete.

With the gear we've created to support Fernando, your kindness is the spark to the flame. Supporting Local Fighters is not just an act of consumerism, but a powerful endorsement of passion and dedication.

When you pay it forward to these athletes, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in someone's pursuit of a dream. Fighters pour their hearts and souls into their craft, overcoming challenges, and setbacks all in the name of pursuing excellence.

Know that you're not just wearing an item – you're wearing a story, a dream, and contributing to your community.

Best of Luck to you Nando in a brave step forward in pursuing your dreams. We appreciate your genuine heart and for always wearing it on your sleeve. For being vulnerable, coachable, and showing everyone what true fighter is, in and out of the cage.

We are behind you every single step of the way. This is just the beginning.

UPDATE: Fernando's fight was canceled due to his opponent not being able to compete, and no matches to step up and fill in. We hope to have news on an upcoming bout soon. Your support is never wasted, and always appreciated.

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