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Leveled up

The Buctown mats got some decoration this week!

Stripes, blues belts and a green belt were awarded in Wednesday night's Jiu Jitsu class. Belt promotions and stripes are given to acknowledge a combination of consistent training, knowledge of technique and execution, helping other students, participation in competitions and performance, and just plain heart to name a few.

Every recipient continually shows up for themselves and their teammates- through hard work they have earned their level up.

Coach Dave Zennario, David Guerra, Jason Melendez, Jean Cabral, Matt Grande, Fernando Collado, Coach / Owner Jay Isip, Kyle Lu, Matias Lopez.

In addition to belt promotions, Coach Dave also gave out some stripes to more well deserving students.

A gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to all on your promotions. We are so honored to be a part of your lives as well as share in your passion for martial arts. Your hard work does not go unrecognized-- we are so proud.

Our goal will always be to give each member a great experience passed down from generations of professional athletes, martial artists, and coaches. We continue to remain focused on changing lives through the education and practice of Martial Arts.


We believe Martial Arts is a vital component in personal development as it practices traditions that exercise the mind, body, and spirit through expressive combative motions and philosophies that not only guide us on the mats, but guide us through life.

All Buctown Memberships are offered on a month to month basis. No sign up fees, no contracts. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, or wishing to compete at amateur and professional levels - we welcome you.

Your first week is on us- give us a call or come in to set up your free trial!

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