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The Chef improves his record!

Jason Melendez takes home the dub from this past weekend's AFL Muay Thai event at the Five Star Banquet in Queens NY winning by unanimous decision at their Main Event.

AFL always comes through with a dope ass show and packs their card with talented fighters!

With a dominant performance over his opponent, battle-tested Jason proved again why he belongs in the square circle. His hunger, dedication, and focus during fight camp are second to none-- preparing for each fight like it's his last.

Melendez's precision and warrior response to fight adversity is also the result of his hard & smart work outside the ring-- an all around excellent example for our youth or any ambitious person with dreams.

"My goal is to spread positivity to as many people as I can." Jason stated when interviewed by AFL for his las bout.

His quote is the energy a leader carries. As a man who fights to serve and provide for his community and family, his nickname "The Chef" couldn't be any more fitting.

A huge thank you to Coach Danny and Maggie for doing a tremendous job preparing Jason for all his bouts. You guys are truly incredible coaches. The amount of time and energy you give to each of your fighters is immeasurable. Couldn't ask for a better pair in the corner.

We are so proud of you, Jason.

An undefeated record is outstanding, but it is no match to your virtuous demeanor. Keep spreading your positive vibes through this powerful life you're creating and keep your dedication to your craft— you are a true leader in and outside of the ring.

Shout out to our extended family at Kings Willy B, thank you for the blood, sweat, and tears you all contribute to his fight camp, as well as your own. This couldn't have been done without you guys!

To our Buctown Family, thank you for all the love. Your energy and support is a huge contribution to the success of our community. Special thanks to Coach Matt Grande for all that you do for the gym and helping your homie get prepared for his last 3 bouts. Hats off to your generosity and humbleness.

Congrats on this win!

On to the next...


While we wait for Official AFL Footage, Check out a clip from the fight!


All photos credited to AFL Promotions, ETG Photos, and Jeffrey Chu.

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