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#TafuriStrong | Buctown Community Clinic

"Dominic Tafuri is a Lieutenant at the Essex County Department of Corrections and father to Dominic, Cristina and Matt. Dominic was an MMA fighter and is now fighting his toughest battle today.
He was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 of an aggressive Lymphoma cancer in December and will be getting chemo treatments over the next several months. He is also at risk of the cancer spreading to his brain and nervous system, so Dominic will need additional preventative treatments which requires several overnight stays at Sloan Memorial in New York City.
His wife was recently laid off from her job and now her plans to go back to work are on hold. Dominic is the only source of income at the moment. We just want to give him a hand in this difficult time for him and his family.
Dominic is in good spirits and just finished his second round of chemo. We're asking for many prayers, positivity and any contributions you can give to help support him and his family through this difficult time."


Join us Thursday February 10th- We will be holding TAFURI STRONG at NJ Scorpions Wrestling School, LLC in Fairfield NJ.

7pm Wrestling Practice w/ UFC Legend Frankie "The Answer" Edgar followed by an 8pm Meet & Greet along with signed memorabilia & live raffles.

All athletes, all levels and all ages are welcome!

100% of ALL proceed will support Tafuri's Battle.

$50 Entry Fee / additional donations accepted.

To reserve your spot or contribute, please make donation to #TafuriStrong GoFundMe or simply donate at the door.


Dom- you're the toughest guy I know. A heart bigger than this planet, decades of giving back to the youth & your community, a loving father & husband, and a coach that cares with open-palm strikes to the ear that'll make em' ring for weeks.

We love you Dom. We are fighting with you.

Our deepest love to the entire Tafuri family along with endless thank yous to everyone involved in this event and those who support - this is what family & community is all about.


Dom's heart is too big for Belleville. He has touched so many spirits that we physically had to expand the space. With that being said, we give a HUGE thank you NJ Scorpions Wrestling School for sharing their facility and helping us host this beautiful event.

We can't wait to see all of you, join Frankie on the mat, and most importantly, help Dom fight this fight. Our deepest love to the entire Tafuri Family along with endless thank yous to all involved in and supporting this event - this is what family & community is about.

#TBT A few clips from an amazing past clinic with Frankie Edgar.


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