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Take a breath...

Our world can feel heavy. Whether we like it or not, our "normal" has changed. When there's change, we must adjust. Having the right tools when it comes to your mental health and wellness is vital in moving forward through anxiety, stress and turbulent times.

Join us Sunday, March 21st at 11am as we take some time to breathe with Buctown Qi Gong and Meditation Class. This class will be instructed by our friend, Quantum Energy Healer PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Hyo Jeong Kim.

Qi Gong means "Cultivation of Energy Flow" and has been a powerful holistic healing practice for over 6,000 years. This philosophy and exercise roots from China and has integrated it's way into martial arts throughout Asia - and found it's way to Belleville NJ.

This class guides you through simple meditation, deep breathwork, and gentle/rhythmic movements to aid mental health, physical release of stress and tension stored in the body, and overall wellness.

The techniques taught in this class promote the body's natural healing ability to balance qi, our inner energy, which will aid in aligning our mind, body, + spirit.

This class is free for all Buctown MMA members. For others, there is a $20 drop in fee. All drop in donations support our Nonprofit Buctown Strong. We look forward to seeing you.

Check out our full class schedule!

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