Buctown Strong is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that provides free martial arts classes for youth students ages 9 - 18. Although we have membership fees for some of our youth classes - we offer memberships at no cost to students and households that cannot afford to join. The household finances will determine the students' eligibility for our no-cost membership. Buctown Strong nonprofit program is made possible by membership fees, and sponsorships.

100% of the proceeds are put towards our facility, expanding the capacity for kids to train free, entering and traveling to tournaments, in-house and out-house clinics, coaches and staff, equipment and gear, going to different gyms and clubs, and to help build the growing foundation of Buctown MMA.  

Our youth classes and philosophy promote self-defense, discipline & respect, confidence, humility, team-building skills, accountability, and a physical & mental healthy lifestyle. We keep our training fun, exciting, and stern to develop each student's mind, body, and spirit through the creation of martial arts. 


For more information, or to be on our Waiting List, please fill out the form below to see if your family qualifies for our free membership program.

NOTE: Buctown Strong has reached capacity for our free membership program. If you'd like to be on the waiting list, please fill out the contact form and we'll inform you when space opens up.

thank you for reaching out. Talk to you soon!