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Buctown Sponsors: Dynamic Peak PT - Healing with Dry Needling

As of February 15, NJ Gov. signs S867-- which permits Physical Therapists to perform dry needling. It's about time!

*Note: Although the bill has been signed, legally the new Dry Needling Law isn't in effect until Monday April 18th.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is an alternative treatment option for pain relief and muscle movement and typically combined with other physical therapy exercises and techniques. The treatment uses a dry needle — a needle without medicine — to deactivate trigger points in your muscle.

You may be wondering how this differs from acupuncture. Despite the fact that both dry needling and acupuncture use needles, they are unrelated beyond that.

Acupuncture follows the traditional Chinese concept of Qi / flow of energy inside the body while during dry needling, needles are placed directly into the pained muscles to treat trigger points and relieve tension in that specific area.

Located in Rutherford NJ, Dynamic Peak is our go-to for all things recovery. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming, honest and always professional. Not only do they provide exceptional treatment, but they explain everything in detail you can understand.

Along with providing pain relief, you leave each session with a list of individualized exercises you can do at home to maintain the treatment you've just received. Staying consistent with a treatment plan and routine will guarantee you recovery.

Walking into Dynamic, we fully trust that Mike and Will will always give us the best possible care and that relief is on it's way.

Btw this is Goku. Loveable unofficial therapy dog / official Dynamic mascot. Each session requires a complimentary ear scratch for this guy.

Dynamic Peak Physical Therapy 75 Orient Way #301, Rutherford, NJ 07070


Dynamic Peak transforms the idea of better living! Centering on pain management and orthopedic diagnoses, we utilize the best equipment, rehab techniques, and an active approach to ease pain and improve everyday functions! Our dedicated and well trained physical therapists and staff will provide all patients of all ages and all types of health conditions the best quality care possible! We design individualized treatment programs to help reduce pain, regain lost strength and movement, and get people back on their feet! Allow Dynamic Peak Physical Therapy help you get your life back!


Buctown Strong is a 501(c) Nonprofit Organization that provides classes through various forms of martial arts; Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai/Boxing for youth students 18 & under. Buctown Strong Nonprofit is made possible by membership fees, fundraisers, events, clinics, and sales of Buctown merchandise. 100% of the proceeds are put towards our facility, expanding the capacity for kids to train free, entering and traveling to tournaments, in-house and out-house clinics, coaches and staff, equipment and gear, going to different gyms and clubs, and to help build the growing foundation of Buctown MMA.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter for Buctown Strong Youth Program, please contact us for our Sponsorship Proposal.

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