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We got you.

All of our coaches here at Buctown have competed at amateur and professional levels. They have first hand knowledge and have been through the rough in their craft.

We are taking a minute to share these easily accessible resources and insight via their social media accounts.

Follow & keep up with them to fully utilize all their tips, training techniques, drills, stretches and more!

Coach Danny Millet / Muay Thai Coach

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Acumen Athletics is a holistic guide developed by Danny Millet for combat athletes. Covering the latest on nutrition, supplements, mental training as well as strength and conditioning. You'll also get posts from Acumen Athletics blog which cites the latest in research and trends for improving your fight training.


Coach David Zennario / Jiu Jitsu Professor

Instagram @super_dave26

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Focused on Jiu Jitsu techniques, fitness techniques for Jiu Jitsu.


Coach Maggie Rickman / Muay Thai Coach

Instagram @maggie.rickman

Instagram @mvmnt_flx

Focused on movement, strength, power and nutrition.


Coach Pete Isip / Strength & Conditioning + Mental Health

Instagram @peteisip

Focused on strength and conditioning for all levels while sharing honest & raw views from his mental health journey.


From tips and training techniques to all around mental health, wellness and nutrition- we've got you covered.

Along with our full schedule, we offer Privates and Small Group Training with all of our Coaches. Please contact us if you or your child are interested in beginning your own sessions.

All levels welcome!

We look forward to seeing you.


Martial Arts Gym for Adults + Kids. Focused on developing each students mind, body + spirit through the creation of martial arts + meditation.


Buctown Strong is a 501(c) Nonprofit Organization that provides classes through various forms of martial arts; Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai/Boxing for youth students 18 & under. Buctown Strong Nonprofit is made possible by membership fees, fundraisers, events, clinics, and sales of Buctown merchandise. 100% of the proceeds are put towards our facility, expanding the capacity for kids to train free, entering and traveling to tournaments, in-house and out-house clinics, coaches and staff, equipment and gear, going to different gyms and clubs, and to help build the growing foundation of Buctown MMA.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter for Buctown, please contact us for our Sponsorship Proposal.

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