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Santino Imparato vs Aking DeLeon

Santino Imparato vs Aking DeLeon

Welterweight Amateur MMA Fight

Saturday, January 23

Harrington, DE


Embarking on this journey at any level surely provides it's challenges. Let's pay our athletes for their blood, sweat, and tears. It takes so much courage to compete at higher levels- with endless hours of hard work and commitment to prepping for events. This program will compensate combat athletes that put their hearts & health on the line for public entertainment and their willingness to pursue these unique careers. Our community is important to us. We understand the financial struggles combat athletes come into contact with during training camps, medical bills, as well as their hardships to get to the top. We encourage these future warriors to continue by offering incentives and support to those near and far in our Martial Arts community.

We start by planting local seeds to support athletes no matter what level or where they train.

We hope our vision for positive youth development fosters your interest in giving back to our growing Community


We are a Nonprofit focused on developing students' mind, body + spirit through the creation of Martial Arts, Meditation + NFTs.

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