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"And your winner, by unanimous decision..."

"And your winner, by unanimous decision, out of the red corner, Jason Melendez!"

Alongside Coaches Danny Millet, Maggie Rickman and Jay Isip, Jason Melendez entered the ring looking like an action figure ready to rock. Jason's dominance & strength throughout the fight, which consisted of 3 x 2 minute rounds, is ultimately what lead him to get his hand raised!

It definitely takes a village. HUGE SHOUT OUT & endless Thank You's to Coaches Maggie Rickman and Danny Millet for all the hours, training and preparation that went into this event.

Congratulations to the whole Kings Team! You guys are tremendously hardworking and a incredible crew to be a part of. It was an honor to share this night with you.

To all our Buctown Family that showed up without hesitation to support Jason, your attendance was greatly appreciated! It means a ton. Jason, we are beyond proud of you and to have you with us. Your dedication and hunger is unmatched. BIG things are coming for you and we will be there every step of the way. Congratulations on the W!

Official Fight Card

A Note from Jason...

Now that I’ve had some time to digest everything! I just want to take the time to thank my coaches: @maggie.rickman @acumen_athletics @jayisip1 for getting me ready not only physically, but mentally for this fight! You guys are fucking amazing and I love you guys so dam much! Also! I want to thank my opponent for being super game! All the staff and fighters at @aflmuaythai for putting on an amazing night of fights! You guys are amazing at what you do! And blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of all the great competitors that I can now call friends! can’t wait to be on future cards 🙌🏽. My friends and training partners that have helped me out for this camp: @jaisumt @hebrew_hammermma everyone at @buctownmma and especially @kingscombatwillyb and everyone there for the great vibes and constant ass whoopings 😅. My brother and nephew @dulvis.mateo and @jmateo_baseball_2 for coming to support meant the world to me. Everyone who cheered me on and came to support! And lastly God! 🙏🏽 for keeping not only me safe and able to go back home to my family and friends but everyone in the event THANK YOU! 🙏🏽❤️


All Buctown Memberships are offered on a month to month basis. No sign up fees, no contracts. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, or wishing to compete at amateur and professional levels - we welcome you.

Your first week is on us- give us a call or come in to set up your first week!


Buctown Strong is a 501(c) Nonprofit Organization that provides classes through various forms of martial arts; Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai/Boxing, and Strength Training for youth students 18 & under. Buctown Strong Nonprofit is made possible by membership fees, fundraisers, events, clinics, and sales of Buctown merchandise. 100% of the proceeds are put towards our facility, expanding the capacity for kids to train free, entering and traveling to tournaments, in-house and out-house clinics, coaches and staff, equipment and gear, going to different gyms and clubs, and to help build the growing foundation of Buctown MMA.

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