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High Rollerz 14

Saturday April 16, 2022. High Rollerz 14 Special 420 Event.

Coach Dave Zennario headed to Las Vegas to compete at High Rollerz 14-- a black belt open weight tournament. This is Dave's 2nd time competing in Vegas at the High Rollerz event. Each match is a 6 minute submission focused round. In the event of overtime, each competitor is given 1 minute to escape from back control-- with a submission automatically winning the match.


A note from Coach Dave:

I competed against a well known MMA fighter and Carlson Gracie black belt. He had to be about 200lbs super jacked to my giant 125lbs haha
Boom 💥 I lasted the entire regulation round 😤😤
@vicentejrteam ⚡️⚡️
The great ref @keebleristinyxoxo confirmed that I won the regulation round 🙏💪
Thank you @hrbjj and @mightymatt for putting on such an awesome show!
It’s inevitable that the show is growing into something very big. I’m stoked to be a part of it!! 🙏🙏
@peteisip and family - I’m very grateful that you’re there for me, it means the world to me, thank you so much 🙏
Thank you @rafaeldomingosjj and @roninjitsu !! You have a wonderful team and amazing professor. I learned so much spending time with you guys and I can’t wait to visit again 🙏💫
I love you guys ❤️ thank you for your support. I’m hyped to be back and show you all I’ve learned from my experiences.
Big thanks to @alexmasterskya and @masterskyajiujitsu for always having my back and helping me prepare
Thanks to @stephanbonnar and @roynelsonmma for being dope commentators! I never thought you guys would be watching me compete!

We loved watching you Coach. What an awesome performance and night.

Huge thank you again to these thoughtful sponsors:

Jersey to Vegas Podcast


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