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Wrestling Classes at Buctown

The foundation of Buctown was created from years of volunteer work by coaches Pete and Jay Isip training local athletes.

Moving forward, all wrestling classes at Buctown will be FREE to attend.

Our coaches and volunteers will continue their vision and remain focused on building our community through the sport of wrestling and other martial arts.

Thank you to all of our thoughtful sponsors, continuous supporters and amazing team of volunteer coaches who have all contributed to help make this happen.


Our Wrestling Program is offered to kids ages 6+ and all skill levels.

Tuesdays + Thursdays / 4pm Kids Wrestling + 5:30pm High School Wrestling.

Please share with anyone you think may be interested!


For all of our memberships, adult and kids, we offer month to month, no sign up fees, and no contracts. Come in / contact us to set up your trial!

Your first week is on the house! All levels welcome.


Buctown Strong is a 501(c) Nonprofit Organization that provides classes through various forms of martial arts; Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Muay Thai/Boxing for youth students 18 & under. Buctown Strong Nonprofit is made possible by membership fees, fundraisers, events, clinics, and sales of Buctown merchandise. 100% of the proceeds are put towards our facility, expanding the capacity for kids to train free, entering and traveling to tournaments, in-house and out-house clinics, coaches and staff, equipment and gear, going to different gyms and clubs, and to help build the growing foundation of Buctown MMA.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter for Buctown Strong Youth Program, please contact us for our Sponsorship Proposal.

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