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WHM Comes to Buctown

Sunday April 18 at 11am. SIGN UP HERE

What is the Wim Hof Method?

"The Wim Hof Method can be defined by its simple, easy-to-apply approach and its strong scientific foundation. It's a practical way to become happier, healthier, and stronger."

Over time, our relationship with the world we live in has changed. Our lifestyles have disconnected us from the natural environment. Because of this disconnection, our age-old survival mechanisms are no longer triggered and we’ve lost touch with our inner power.

Through decades of self-exploration and groundbreaking scientific studies, Wim has created a simple, effective way to stimulate these deep physiological processes and realize our full potential.

The Wim Hof Method is about reconnecting us - to ourselves, to others and to nature.

The WHM is based on the following 3 powerful pillars:

You will learn how to master scientific breathing techniques that improve your energy level, detox your body, reduce stress levels, rebalance the nervous system and strengthen your immune system.

The cold is your warm friend! Learn how to use the power of cold to burn fat, boost your immune system, sleep better, reduce inflammation and enhance nature’s own mood boosters.

Going deep into your own physiology takes commitment and a willingness to move out of your natural comfort zone. The time to unleash your inner power is now.

For many years Wim’s incredible achievements were thought scientifically impossible and he was viewed as nothing more than a circus act. Things quickly changed in 2011 following the first Radboud University study which showed he was able to voluntarily influence his autonomic nervous system.

Since then Wim has continued to submit himself and his method for scientific study and research institutions continue to explore the potential of the Wim Hof Method.

View the scientific research to date and download a comprehensive eBook on the science behind the Wim Hof Method by visiting this page.

Join us Sunday April 18th at 11am and put yourself in the expert hands of certified WHM Instructor Jesse Moreng to learn the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: Breathing Technique, Cold Exposure & Commitment. This clinic individually coaches each participant through the WHM; where you will discover how you can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind connection while learning the profound underlying physiologies of Wim Hof.

The program kicks off with an introduction to the Wim Hof Method, includes a breathing session, and finishes with an (optional) ice bath. At the end there is ample room for reflection, and Jesse is there to answer questions throughout the workshop.

Although we've shared a rough outline, the "no program" approach is a Wim Hof Method mantra. For the best experience, we suggest you go in with an open mind and without any expectations.

The list of mental and physical benefits seems almost endless. Whether you are looking to relieve stress and improve your mental health, increase your athletic performance and workout recovery, or are just curious to find out what the Wim Hof Method is all about— this workshop truly offers something for everyone.

While we believe in the WHM wholeheartedly and wish we could offer this clinic to everyone, there are limited spots available as the classes are kept small to ensure an intimate quality and ample personal attention.

If you are interested in joining us, please sign up here prior to the event. As with all of our Community Clinics, proceeds of this event support Buctown Strong. Please feel free to message us with any questions, or visit this site for further details.

We look forward to seeing you and trying something new together!


Coach Jay Isip and WHM Instructor Jesse Moreng fought each other in the early stages of their MMA careers and have stayed in touch since their face punch party in 2004. This "rubber match" went down as the fight of the night for the Pro MMA circuit Reality Fighting 7, as these two went blow-for-blow ending with Moreng victorious.

This fight was one to remember, and now he will be flying in from Arizona to reconnect with Coach Jay. After his pro MMA career, Jesse focused on health & wellness and has since become a certified Wim Hof Instructor. He also currently owns Breathwerx, a facility that specializes in the power of breathwork, cold & heat exposure, meditation, and other self-optimization tools.

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