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Project Buctown: How to Support

This kickstarter initiative is aimed at expanding our reach to underserved communities in Chile and Mexico, deepening our impact and guiding kids

away from adversities.

Your pledge helps us provide support through no-cost Martial Arts classes, training gear, scholarships, and sponsorships to students in underserved communities while instilling our core values— discipline, confidence, self-defense, community, physical and mental strength, and harmony.

Together, we can give our youth a brighter future creating strong, healthy, and mindful individuals.

Your donation is the fuel our mission needs to reach kids from all walks of life and different corners of the world, giving them a fighter's chance at change. 


In support of Our Mission, we have other ways to donate and show some love for Buctown.

All proceeds of merchandise sales from the Buctown MMA Shop and sales from Buctown NFT Collections assist our no-cost program, both internationally and at home.

We now have 4 Merch Collections: Streetwear, Lovers + Fighters, Wrestling, and Buctown Worldwide!

Grab some gear from any collection and wear it with pride, knowing you're making a difference. 


L to R: Nayib Lopez, Valentina Escobar, Alfredo Muaiad. All available on OBJKT.COM


The power of purchasing or even simply just sharing this on social media for a Nonprofit is nothing short of transformative.

You single-handedly become a champion of change. You amplify the organization's impact, and you inspire others to join the cause.

Whether it's buying a t-shirt, becoming a monthly reoccurring donor, or just engaging in a campaign, every action has the potential to raise awareness, support, and have a ripple effect making a difference.

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