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Project Buctown

What began as a powerful initiative in our home grounds of New Jersey is taking root in new soil.

As we extend our reach to countries Chile and Mexico, our proven mission and philosophy of empowering youth through Martial Arts is gaining momentum.

Expanding our social project was and is no easy task, but we've partnered with great people in loving communities and likeminded coaches who believe in the transformative power of giving back to the next generation.

With our shared passions and visions to make a difference in the lives ahead, we are happy to announce that classes are already underway in Chile, and now Mexico and Buctown is officially international!

Every home and corner of our world faces its unique set of challenges, from rising crime rates in communities to the temptations of street life, substance abuse issues, fractured relationships within families, depression, and financial struggles. These external difficulties inevitably impact our mental health, self-esteem, and inner well-being.

Despite the geographical distance between our homes, the common thread of humanity and love unites us all. Our vision is to offer proactive solutions and opportunities that afford everyone the chance for a better life.

Through Project Buctown, our aim is to expand our reach and deepen our impact by providing an outlet to guide kids away from adversities and towards a healthy mind, body and spirit. We firmly believe the transformative power of Martial Arts as a key component to help our youth.

Our Program provides support through no-cost classes to kids ages 5-19, new training gear, and student sponsorships. Our dedicated Team guides students through the education of Martial Arts while instilling our core values—discipline, confidence, self-defense, physical and mental strength, and harmony.


Head Coach, Alfredo Muaiad, RFT Chile x BCTN. Santiago, Chile. March 2024.

Coach Jay with Pro MMA Fighter and Buctown Head Coach Nayib Lopez, and Coach David Rocket Romero at Team Romero Gym in Tlalnepantla, MX. April 2024.


Celebrating the significant progress within our local community, we recognize how imperative it is for us to expand our mission. Not only have we seen athletic success with the students in our program, our once student-athletes are now our head coaches. The ripple effect to pay it forward is real.

When we unite together, we can give our youth a brighter future creating strong, healthy, and mindful individuals.

Your donation and support will help us immensely on this journey. By getting these young warriors off the streets and on the mats, we are paving the way for a brighter and more hopeful future.

Your pledge supports free Martial Arts education for kids and assistance for our sponsored athletes in New Jersey, Chile, and Mexico.

We remain dedicated to breaking down socio-economic barriers and committed to fostering future success in communities just like ours.


Your monetary donation is not the only way to support our mission.

All sales from our Merch Collections and NFTs support Project Buctown.

Sport your support IRL or in DCL. Happy Shopping!


Let's empower the youth together, creating a space where they can thrive, succeed, and make a real difference in their corners of the world.

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