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All heart.

A round of applause for these ladies on their incredible performance at Regions and a tremendous wrestling season!

Although we didn't get on that podium, nothing takes away from all the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments you put in this past season - let alone your wrestling careers thus far. We are proud of you, along with the rest of the females, for bringing girls wrestling to light in NJ.

Jasmine Yalowitz, Junior of Fort Lee Wrestling, ended her season taking 5th in the North Region. She had a great tournament with some big wins in the earlier rounds but lost in the semi-finals. Jasmine wrestled back in the constellation matches and secured her 5th place spot.

She comes from a family of great athletes, her father Lee Yalowitz (black belt) & brother Austin (blue belt), a senior captain for Fort Lee Wrestling. On top of being a great wrestler, she also is a highly skilled Jiu Jitsu artist. We are excited to watch Jasmine grow as a martial artist and excited for her final wrestling season at Fort Lee.

Illana Willams, a Sophomore of Belleville Wrestling, gets her 1st win at Regions this season! Her performance during match time and adjustments made in between show how much Ilanna's grown this year. Well-earned stripes after the hard-fought battles you had on and off the mats.

Illana is the youngest of the three sisters, Alisa + Soraya Safforld (both state placers) and daughter of Ivania Vela (jiu-jitsu blue belt). With her family having combat sports in their blood, we are excited to see her bloom into the next two seasons.

Soraya Safforld, Senior of Belleville Wrestling, graduates this year, and we couldn't be any more proud of what she's accomplished in this sport. She didn't qualify this year as she had some tough battles competing with injuries, but that doesn't take away from a great season and everything she has done for the sport of wrestling.

Soraya, an NJSIAA 5th place finisher in 2021, has put Belleville Wrestling back on the map. Soraya will go down as one of the 1st female wrestlers of Belleville HS to make their mark at the NJSIAA State Tournament along with her sister Alisa.

Deep waters were a regular occasion for this young lady, but that never stopped her from going out there to give her all - a true fighter. Having mental & physical battles, going against the best wrestlers in the state, she still pushed through the adversities and had a very successful wrestling career.

2X 3rd place BCWA Tournament

2nd place Girls Minutemen Classic

2nd place North Region

5th place NJ State Placer

Thank you, Soraya Safforld, for always leaving everything out on the mats and being an excellent example for the next generation of wrestlers. It was an honor to be a witness of your tremendous career as your accolades, heart, and dedication paved the path for future female wrestlers to look up to - a true champion. Congratulations on an incredible four years of varsity wrestling.


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