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Welcome Valentina & Alfredo

Join us in welcoming Pro fighters Valentina Escobar and Alfredo Muaiad of RFT Chile to Buctown Fight Fam.

In the realm of professional fighting, individuals from every corner of the world face a myriad of challenges often unseen by the casual observer that shape the narrative their fight and life. The path to success is riddled with moments of humility, self-discovery, overcoming setbacks, and navigating the intricacies of a highly competitive field.

By acknowledging the challenges they face and offering support, we become integral partners in their journey, amplifying the universal human spirit that propels them forward.

Buctown is proud to support you both on your MMA journey.


Catch them LIVE at UAE Warriors on January 20 and 21st on UFC Fight Pass. We look forward to seeing you both in action in Abu Dhabi!

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