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UAE Warriors Results

Huge weekend for RFT Chile fighters Valentina Escobar and Alfredo Muaiad at 2 back to back events for UAE Warriors (46&47) in Ahu Dhabi, UAE.

Valentina marks the first Chilean female to compete in this promotion. It's the duo's first time in Abu Dhabi and their first fight of 2024.

After 18 hours of travel, two layovers, and they arrived to spend the week preparing for war.


Valentina completely dominated.

Improving her undefeated record to 6-0, she achieved a flawless victory by submission via rear naked choke 3 minutes into the first round.

She is a force. Her journey is a testament to the belief that success is not merely stumbled upon but earned through relentless effort and an unyielding work ethic, one day at a time. Each victory is not just a notch on her belt but a testament to her mastery of self and the sport.


Living my dream 🥹 I can't say enough thanks to all the people who believe in me, in my work and accompany me on this path ❤️‍🔥✨ Thank you @uae_warriors for the opportunity to be the first Chilean to fight in her cage. Thanks to my family, my coaches and teammates, without them nothing would be the same 🥹
Thanks to master @mcromado and @sickmonkey_rft for believing in my dreams and giving me their time to help me achieve them, you can't imagine the confidence that having you in my corner gives me 🫡 Thanks to and @b.dugan_ for believing in me and for traveling hours to accompany me throughout this week 🚀
Thanks to my sponsors who help me prepare for each fight to arrive in the best possible way ✨ The victory is not mine, it belongs to all those who accompany me on this path. I will continue training harder because I know the best is yet to come ❤️‍🔥🚀

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Alfredo's fight went the distance. And, a fight it was. All three rounds filled with a fire and intensity you could feel sitting in Jersey. While the split decision unfortunately did not weigh in his favor, this war was no loss.

He is recognized for his heart inside the ring. His fights are not just displays of technical prowess but demonstrations of pure grit and determination. Win or lose, he exemplifies resilience and the warrior's spirit.


After spending a devastating 2023 in sports and psychological terms, a few steps away from thinking about retiring...... today I felt more alive than ever, at no time did I feel nervous or anguish...... I went up the stairs , I walked to the cage, enjoyed every second.....despite the result, I thank this path for being and getting where I am, never in my life did I think I would reach these places......Thank you Martial Arts. ......without you maybe I would be in shit or maybe even dead......I would choose you a thousand times are my therapy, my improvement, my story 🙏🏾
Thanks to all the people who sent their energies and messages, I always thank you from the bottom of my heart 🖤 Special mention to the princess of my heart, without you none of this would be possible, you are the daily motivation I need to be able to move forward in all my @valentinamoriel_mma 🖤

We are honored to have you as part of our family and representing Buctown. We look forward to cheering you on and watching you achieve greatness.

Your journey is an inspiration to everyone who knows you, and those fortunate enough to witness your continuous pursuit of even greater aspirations.



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