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Freedom 18 NYC Chef Style

We'll just let The Chef speak for himself...

Took longer than I expected! But we back! November 11th for @freedomfighterpromotions Been Ready. See the whole village there 👨🏽‍🍳🔥


In support of Jason, and to share a sneak peek into our new merch drop, we are excited to give you a little glimpse into the new Buctown MMA Store.

This special collection for Buctown Fight Team's Jason Melendez (of Kings Combat Williamsburg) goes far beyond grabbing some gear in support of your homie, brother, family member, etc. to wear to his next fight.

The power of purchasing Buctown merch or even simply just sharing this on social media for a Nonprofit is nothing short of transformative. You single-handedly become a champion of change, you amplify the organization's impact, and you inspire others to join the cause.

Whether it's in the act of buying a t-shirt or just engaging in a campaign, every action has the potential to raise awareness, support, and have a ripple effect making a difference.


To represent The Chef, these three shirts have been specially designed with Jason in mind.

In addition to the tees, the minimal "Fighter's Hoodie", adorned with the warrior's message is a pledge we, and our warriors, stand behind.


There is nothing more inspiring than watching someone strive for greatness and chase a dream - this collection represents that dream. And, your support matters.

Jason, we mean it when we say we're forever in your corner. Been ready, stayed ready, now it's time to cook!

Focused, Strong, dedicated, and humbly carrying the spirit of a true champion. We believe in you wholeheartedly.

LFG Chef!

For Tickets to Jason's Fight

Text 551.339.3339 (Sorry, no links. We don't make the rules.)

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