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a common phrase among older martial artists and athletes. Here at Buctown, we too subscribe to that philosophy.


AGES 6-11

jiu jitsu

Our Kids Jiu Jitsu classes and philosophy promote self-defense, discipline & respect, confidence, humility, and a physical & mental healthy lifestyle. We keep our training fun, exciting, and stern to develop each student's mind, body, and spirit through the creation of martial arts. 

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AGES 6-11


KIDS Ages 6-11   /  HIGH SCHOOL Ages 12+

Buctown Wrestling classes teach and guide students through the sport of wrestling. Our goal is to help you reach yours- to help build your skillset and self-development in wrestling and other walks of life; developing character, confidence, discipline, mental resilience, and a strong work ethic to prepare students for challenges on and off the mats. 

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  NOTE: As of November 2022, we have ended our Wrestling Program at Buctown MMA.
We thank you for the years of dedicated support to our
philosophy and our program.

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Our program requires a uniform to practice Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling Shoes for Wrestling.

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thank you for reaching out. Talk to you soon!

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